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How you can get lost in Black Forest

One day I was invited to a birthday party and took the three of my helpers with me. There we had some beers and they decided to keep on partying in Freudenstadt. The next day we were going to see a very beautiful castle and as always, we had to clean the stables before we were leaving. In the morning two of the guys stood in front of me and looked at their shoes: We are very sorry, they said, but we have lost a wwoofer!

What happened? At around five in the morning the three of them came back to Glatten with a taxi, and while the two of them were looking for cigarettes, the third one had disappeared! They thought he went home and walked home also, but they could not find him!

I was horrified! I already pictured the guy drunk in the river, or lying unconsciens in a corner of the street. I took my car and drove the road he could have walked. On the corner in the bakery, very reliefed I saw him drinking coffee. I walked in and asked: Are you all right, and he nodded, smiling happily with obviously still some alkohol inside. “So you walk home!” I decided and turned back home.

He was there at the stable ten minutes later, worked and then we left for our castle tour. A quite dangerous trail brought us up to the castle and down again, and there the guy got more and more silent and pale. Later we learned that on that trail the year before someone had a deadly accident!

How the guy got lost in the middle of the village? Apparently under the influence of alcohol he had tried to return to the place, where we had the birthday party and then could not find the way in our 2000 inhabitants place. The rest of his stay here he was mostly abstinent!

Gefährlicher AufstiegThe dangerous trail